Water Damage

Water Damage

Hi, if you’re reading this that would mean that you are in experiencing water damage either in your home or office. We at Millers Carpet Cleaning can fix this problem for you with our professional water damage restoration services. Just fill out the form or give us a call at 1-800-253-2669.

Water Damage – What to do Next

Water damage is not only a nuisance to your everyday life and routine, there are health risks and it can also be very dangerous.

What is at Risk?

Common Water Damage Causes

Often times the damage from water is caused when an issue goes without being noticed. Before the damage shows up it might take weeks or even months.

Time is of the essence when you are dealing with any type of water damage, and the secret is to act fast!
Not only can the water destroy your carpeting, ceiling, and furniture, but it can also destroy precious household possessions, important files, and irreplaceable personal items.

You might need to vacate your house during the repairs, and the disruption of your usual routine could really have a enormous impact on your way of life. Having to stay in a hotel or in a friend’s house isn’t the direction you want to spend your week, or sometimes, weeks.

Moving quickly increases the chance that your belongings can be saved or restored.

Common Water Damage Causes

Water damage may take many diverse forms and show up in your house or business in a lot of various ways. It is important to know what the common causes are that you know how to prevent minor water damage from turning into a huge issue if you suspect that you might have water damage.

Some common causes are:

  • A leaky roof from a passing rainstorm or melted snow from a snowstorm
  • A broken pipe out of your garbage disposal
  • Condensation around your air conditioner
  • How Quickly Should I Address Water Damage?

Even when the issue is handled swiftly, water damage has been known to wreak havoc even months down the road. Quite often might be behind a wall or in the ceiling and the leak is not noticeable.

The longer a flow goes undetected, the more money it can cost you to get fixed. Moving fast also increases the chance that your personal belongings can be saved or restored.

Is There Health Concerns?

Not only is it important to start the process as soon as possible for your tangible items, but it is also for the things you can’t see straight away. Your health can be absolutely affected by damage inside your walls or ceiling and is something which has serious repercussions. With standing wet items and water comes mould.

Moisture is the perfect breeding grounds for organisms and bacteria to grow and potentially infect those in or around the affected area.

One thing people do not realize when they’ve flood damage, is that the air quality in their home or business can be a huge issue. With humidity and stagnant atmosphere, some severe health problems can come about. Keeping you and your loved ones is a priority.

Water Damage Restoration Procedure

If you have water damage, you should absolutely consider contacting a professional to help with water removal. Water damage restoration follows categories and distinct classes and you should always consult an expert.

Step 1

Technicians remove standing water using state-of-the-art extractors and pumps

Step 2

Carpets are pulled up, and flooring are dried completely

Step 3

All appliances and electronics which are damaged will be brought back to their pre-damaged conditions where potential

Step 4

The damaged site is disinfected in order to kill bacteria or mold growth

Water Damage Specialists and Professionals

When you find yourself in a water damage crisis, nobody can manage the damage better than professionals. You will need someone to help you see there is a light at the end of the tube; dealing with water damage can put a whole lot of strain.

Water Damage Specialists and ProfessionalsA true professional will exhibit both experience and compassion while guiding you through the process. They ought to explain you every step and detail so that you’re fully aware of what will happen in your house or workplace.

Luckily, in most instances, your insurance will cover all damages sustained to your dwelling. Professionals will be able to help you start the claims process in order to deal with the situation. With a expert in your side and the preventative information, any water damage problems you face before you know it should hopefully be minimal and solved.

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