How To Clean Fabric Couch

How To Clean Fabric Couch

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Refresh Your Fabric Couch With This DIY Cleaning Method

After a long day, your comfy couch is the best place to unwind, which sometimes involves stinky feet, a fatty late-night snack, or a glass of red wine. Those scents build up over time, wipes, and spills and your sofa is begging for a cleaning, before you realize it. This method will even eliminate things you can not see, such as sloughed-off skin cells (ew!) . If you get a natural-fabric couch (such as cotton, linen, or wool) here’s how to make it look like new again.

Refresh Your Fabric Couch With This DIY Cleaning Method

Identify the Fabric

Couches come in several shapes and materials, with some even having removable and washable cushions. If you’re fortunate enough to have a linen or cotton-blend sofa, you can clean it using ingredients that are natural. Before getting started, give your sofa a good. Most have a tag that identifies it as:

W: OK to use water for cleaning.
S: Just use a solvent-based cleaner on fabric.
SW: Either water or a solvent cleaner is safe to use.
X: Just use a vacuum for cleaning.

Prep Your Couch

Get your sofa prepared for grooming by using a clean and dry white hand towel or washcloth to brush the whole piece of furniture, dividing any dried-on stains and removing any bits that have made houses of nooks and crannies. You can use a brush for this measure. Avoid using any colored towels or sponges, as the dye can alter the color of your sofa.


Sprinkle the whole couch with a great heap of baking soda. Baking soda helps discharge lurking smells and split stains in the fabric up. If you’re feeling your couch needs a serious mix together this carpet cleaner that is dry clean, and then use for masking the fabric. Permit the baking soda to sit up and on the sofa for at least 20 minutes to an hour before vacuuming using a brush attachment.


Stains, Begone

Now take a close look at the sofa to get any lingering stains. Mix together this cleaning solution that is simple, and do a fabric spot test in an location to check if there is any discoloration. Dip the washcloth in the cleaning solution, and gently rub and dab stains — or just use for wiping the whole couch down. You’ll be amazed with the results!

Just Like New

Permit the sofa to wash, and touch up as needed. It may appear darker in color until it is completely dry. This cleaning process is safe to use on fabrics and can be done anytime before you have friends your couch requires a cleaning — like right over!

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