Fabric Couch Cleaner

Jason and I eat on the couch sometimes, and so Hannah would follow our lead. The problem is that Hannah is a messy toddler. Are not they all?! Spills started happening, and our sofa cloth started soaking in all those spilled liquids.

It got worse. We started training Hannah. Where I’m going with this, if you have a little one, you might know.

In the first few months of potty training, there were LOTS of accidents, many of which have been on our sofa.
If our sofa was a leather one, it would be no problem. Wespray on some disinfectant ‘d just wipe it up and move together with our day.

Having a fabric sofa is a whole other story.

The urine gets in the fibers and it is so tricky to get out.

Anyone else?! Can I get a hand lift?

Even after”cleaning” it (soaking up the urine with a towel and wiping it with water), not only would large, discolored spots on my sofa be leftover, it also still stunk SO BAD.

Jason and I are pretty much clean freaks, so as you can imagine, we had to find a solution quick.

I went on an internet search to find the best ways to clean a fabric couch. I tried EVERYTHING, but nothing seemed to work.

The Way to Clean a Fabric Couch

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I have tested so many cleaning methods in my Ashley Homestore sectional, and in this post you’ll learn about my favorite procedures to clean a fabric sofa.

We bought our fabric sectional sofa a few years back when we remodeled our living space. We looked for one which was durable comfortable, and practical.
When picking a sofa, we did lots of testing, and by testing I mean we stumbled on a ton of these to choose which one was comfiest and our style. We didn’t even look at cleaning it!

Growing up, I always had leather couches that are pretty easy when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, since you can just wipe up a spill with no damaging the material.

I didn’t have any idea what I was getting myself into when we purchased a fabric couch. For it was absolutely fine. We didn’t get it dirty, and I vacuumed off it occassionally.

We have dogs but we do not allow them on our sofa. We have dog beds on the ground nearby so they can hang out with us when we are in the living room.

Even after our daughter was born, we kept it pretty clean. That was about it, although we had the occasional incident that is spit-up.
Then, when our baby grew into a toddler, the sofa cleanliness no longer existed.

First, Hannah started taking drinks and food into our living space.


Using baking soda. Is it just me, or does baking soda not work for you ? I kept reading that I let it sit, could sprinkle it on my sofa , and then vacuum it up, and it would refresh the sofa. Not only was that the baking soda hard to vacuum up, it did not leave my sofa. A smell was after using it several times.
Wiping our sofa with water. Water by itself made our sofa worse! The stains became worse after the water dried and soaked in. Water also didn’t help with the smell.

I had no choice but to return to square one. I went on the search for cleaning options but never really found any that worked, until I found a random YouTube video in which a woman sprayed her sofa with upholstery cleaner.

That’s when I started to buy unique kinds of upholstery cleaners and get to work seeing which ones worked and which ones didn’t. So many upholstery cleaners tried and I finally found some solutions that work for our cloth couch.


Please note that this is what works for me. There’s absolutely no guarantee that this will work for you. Please do this at your own risk. I’m not responsible.

The first point to remember here is I have this cloth sofa, and I have only used these methods in my own sofa.

Your couch should be marked with a cleaning emblem on the label, so that you can know what kinds of cleaners will work on your particular fabric.

Make certain to check the cleaning emblem on your cloth sofa before cleaning it! On your sofa, you should find a symbol that says W, S, or W-S.


“W” means your upholstery can be cleaned using water. Hooray! Because you’ve got the choice when it comes to cleaning options this is the best one in my opinion. It is possible to use carpeting and upholstery cleaners, which means you should be able to get the stains out yourself.

“S” means your upholstery needs to be cleaned with solvents, which means dry-clean only.
“W-S” means your upholstery can be cleaned with either water or solvents. I have heard this symbol is not seen often.

My cloth sofa is marked with “W” which means it can be washed using upholstery products.

When purchasing the sofa, I didn’t even check to see which type of cleaning symbol it had because I didn’t know upholstery had cleaning symbols. I had leather couches so I never had to clean a fabric couch.

I’m lucky that our sofa ended up being marked with a”W” because it’s made my life so much easier when cleaning it.

Over the last year or so, I have tested so many cleansers and here is which ones work for me:

1. Spot Clean with This Fabric & Furniture Cleaning Foam

I have tried a lot of upholstery cleaners, but this one is by far my favorite. Not only does the alternative smell great, it is also easy to use because it has a brush. You scrub the stain right away with the brush and can spray out the solution.

I’ve discovered that when I do place clean, I want to clean the entire top of the cushion rather than only the”spot.” The cause of this is because the place is cleaned by it so well because it is cleaner than the rest of the cushion, that the place is a lighter shade than the rest of the cushion.

I suppose this is a good thing, though you find yourself having to do more work. I have discovered that this cleaner works well for smaller spills. If it’s a really bad stain, I have had to scrub it a few times to get the stain out, that is, scrub & let dry, then scrub & let dry.

If you have lots of stains and your sofa needs a great cleaning, I propose method #2 below.

For some reason, I have difficulty finding the cleaner in stores. There’s 1 grocery store close to me that sometimes has it in stock, and when it does, I load up on it.

If you can’t find it in stores, you can always buy it online.


2.Deep Clean With This Carpet Cleaner

My sofa is marked with a”W” which means I will use upholstery cleaners. Be certain to check your cleaning solution symbol before using this solution.

Watch more about what cleaning symbols imply previously.

This carpet cleaner is like magic, you men! This thing does the trick when you will need a deep-clean although the spot-cleaning method I mention above works!

It’s a handy attachment which makes cleaning my cloth couch so straightforward!

Step 6: Vacuum Dry The Cushion

When the cushion is completely saturated, I use the pencil tool to vacuum dry the cushion. I go slowly so I get all of the cleaning solution and water pumped up completely when doing this. I’ll typically return until no more water enters the tool of drying the cushion for a few rounds.

You’ll see the dirty water being pumped up through the tool. It will go directly into the water compartment.

You’ll know it’s working because you will see the filthy water compartment fill with dirty water. Once it is full, you dump it remove that compartment, and rinse it. It’s so simple and easy to use!

Step 7: Continue Cleaning Entire Couch

Step 8: Let Couch Dry Completely

Step 9: Repeat, If Necessary

The first time I cleaned my sofa with the carpet cleaner, I had to clean it three times to get all the stains out. That’s because there were several old stains and smells that had actually engrained into the upholstery.

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How To Use The Carpet Cleaner To Clean A Fabric Couch

Now you know how much I really like using this carpet cleaner to keep my cloth couch clean, here is a tutorial on how to use it to clean your cloth couch.

It’s actually really simple and is much like a vacuum cleaner.

Step 1: Add Clean Water Into Clean Water Compartment

See below exactly where the clean water compartment is. All you’ve got to do it fill it up with water. When I clean my couch, I prefer to use water.

Step 2: Add Cleaning Solution Into Cleaning Solution Compartment

I use this cleaning solution from the cleaner and have found it works great to clean my fabric couch.

Step 3: Attach The Hose And Brush (Pet Tool)

This pet tool is seriously awesome because it has a brush tool so that you can scrub your cloth couch just a little bit as you go. Where the water is sucked up the tool’s area is.

Step 4: Turn On The Carpet Cleaner

Step 5: Spray Cushion

The water and cleaning solution combo comes directly out of the pet tool. You don’t have to mix the water and solution yourself, the machine does it all by itself so you get the cleaning solution that is optimal. Each compartment simply fill and the machine unites it. Pretty cool, right?

I prefer to clean each cushion one by one. I spray an entire cushion using the pencil tool to get it soaked with the cleaning solution and water combination.

Here Is Some Other Reasons Why I Love This Carpet Cleaner So Much:

It mixes the water and cleaner for you so that you do not have to guess how much of each you will need to make the best solution. You put water in another in one compartment and the cleaner. It’s so easy!

When using it on my carpets, it just as simple as vacuuming. You push it to clean and pull it back to dry. I like to go slow to be certain to find a deep clean in my carpets. I do the same technique on my cloth sofa, using the attachment tool.

It really works!!! This isn’t a paid endorsement, I just really love this carpet cleaner. It actually cleans my cloth couch and gets out the stains. Regarding the cleaning solution, I have used this cleaner alternative and the one which comes with it. I have found both to work great on carpets and our cloth couch.

I have rented carpet cleaners before, but none have worked like this carpet cleaner does. I’m so impressed with it, and I use it during this potty training phase with my toddler, to keep our cloth sofa looking fresh new, and clean.

I clean my sofa regularly with the carpet cleaner, I usually only have to do one round of cleaning. If you do a round, I’d suggest waiting until your sofa dries completely before cleaning it another round. This way, you can see exactly how much it cleaned and where you will need to clean it again.

I typically let my sofa dry a day or so before doing another round of cleaning. This way, I know so I can assess it, it’s completely dry.

It took me so long to locate a cleaning solution that actually cleans and removes the stains and smells from my sofa.

Luckily, our cloth couch has actually held up over the past several years and appears to be built well. The issue I ran into with this sofa cleaned it, but now that I’ve solved this, I believe that our sofa will be staying around for awhile.

It’s super comfortable and has proved to have durable cloth, so I’m a happy camper!

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Final Cleaning Method: Spray Fabric, If Desired

To top it off, after I’m done with the carpet cleaner and my couch is clean and dry, I like to spray my sofa with a fabric refresher spray. This cloth spray is my favorite because of the fact and the remarkable scent that it can be used by you for atmosphere and cloth.

I also like to use fabric refresher many times a week on my sofa merely to keep it smelling fresh and clean between deep cleans.

Good luck cleaning your cloth couch, and be sure to check that cleaning emblem on your upholstery before using any sort of cleaning solution!

It’s been a while! I hope you guys enjoy the video. Stay Home. Stay Safe. Keep your carpets cleaned!

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Frequently Ask Questions

There are many variations in the manner that furniture and carpets are maintained. For upholstery fabrics, it is essential not to make use of a lot of water as it can trigger mould or bacteria to develop and release unpleasant odours and lead to the fabric getting dirty faster in the future. It is dependent on the kind of fabric, using excessive water use in the cleaning process could harm the fabric. Upholstery generally requires gentler manipulation and special cleaning procedures depending on the type of fabric.

Over time, dirt dust pet dander, dirt and other toxins that could be harmful may get trapped in upholstery fabrics. This can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Children, the elderly , and pets are more vulnerable to these chemicals. Professional fabric cleaning is more thorough than anything you can accomplish by yourself. Your furniture will not only be smelling and looking greatit’ll be healthier and more pleasurable to work with.

In contrast to other companies that clean furniture, Millers uses eco-friendly and eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe and biodegradable for both animals and humans within your own family.

At Millers, You’ll discover an array of services, in addition to cleaning, including repair and reconstruction. We also offer on-site upholstery cleaning so that you don’t need to move heavy equipment to get it cleaned only to wait for a time to take it back. We’ll scrub your furniture so it appears new and beautiful and within your timeframe.

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