Tile And Grout Cleaning

High-Traffic Areas That Need Tile and Grout Cleaning

Certain areas of a home function far better when they are equipped with tile flooring. The usual suspects include:

Pick Millers Carpet Cleaners’ for Your Tile and Grout Cleaning

When you select Millers Carpet Cleaners for your tile cleaning and grout cleaning, you’ll get the following remedy:

  • Pre-spot treatment with grout and tile cleaner
  • Hand or machine cleaning of all high-traffic areas
  • Tile cleaning and grout cleaning tools that spin at high resolutions
  • Tile power washing at 250 degrees that provides extra sanitizing
  • Simultaneous extraction and cleaning
  • No water and no residue left behind
  • Sealants to prolong the life of the grout and tile, create a barrier against germs, and allow for easy maintenance
  • Preventive measures to protect from future stains and spills
  • Tile repair and tile installation

Millers Carpet Cleaners is the proven method to clean your grout and tile. Contact us now for an estimate.

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The effect of high traffic is that it dulls the floors, and grout gets dark due to dirt. Regular mopping is only for dirt at the surface.

Cleaning grout and tile professionally could cost you pennies when in comparison to the expense of replacing tiles. Contact us today to receive the estimate of one of our experts.

For a 300-square-foot area, the cleaning process typically requires between 1 and 3 hours. If you decide to seal the grout with a urethane finish, we suggest waiting for 24 hours after washing to apply a sealer to ensure that the sealer is able to adhere correctly. The process of sealing grout takes approximately two up to 3 hours. It varies according to the size of tile, amount of soil present in the grout, and the room’s configuration.

Our team will work with you to arrange an appointment after hours or to design an individual program to cleanse tiles in segments. Our technician will notify you of the dry times required.