Pet Urine Cleaner

Pet Urine Cleaner

Hi, if you’re reading this that would mean that you have a carpet or upholstery and in need of pet urine cleaner either in your home or office. We at Millers Carpet Cleaning can fix this problem for you with our professional pet urine cleaning services. Just fill out the form or give us a call at 1-800-253-2669.

How to Get Dog Pee and Without Expensive Detergents.

How to Find dog pee stains from carpetAs a professional dog trainer, I have faced a lot of fun, odd and annoying conditions. A few of them. By way of instance, one of the problems all dog owners face is when their lovely puppy begins to leave urine stains on the ground. If you have a laminate, it is not frightening, but what if your dog goes to the bathroom on the carpet? The way to find dog pee? What do you want to do with the smell?

I always hear that it is almost impossible to completely free the carpet from stains and scents rather than to damage it. But it’s a wrong opinion. Believe a professional dog trainer with a huge experience (that is me, haha) you can wash it in a variety of ways. I‘ve tried a lot of detergents and cleaning methods and learned one key : really effective methods are simple. Here I need to take you step-by-step, through methods of how to do it. You won’t repeat my mistakes: like it was bought your carpet will be left clean and fresh, and the smell will disappear! Spoiler: run shamanistic rites you do not have to read spells or spend a whole lot of money and time — all is simple, as I said.

How to Find dog pee stains from carpet

Method 1: How to Find dog pee stains from the carpet with liquid dishwashing detergent

This procedure is simple and consists of only 4 steps. Firstly, you want to type water in a small bowl (around 1 cup) and then add half of the teaspoon (about 2.5 ml) of dish soap. Second, mix everything. The third step is to put this mixture on a stain. Be certain that you cover of the urine. Then have a paper towel and try to blot the carpet. You will have to repeat the third and fourth steps a few times until the urine is gone, as our spots are old and dry. In the long run, use the carpet to wash.

Method 2: How to Find dog pee stains from the carpet with peroxide, baking soda, and vinegar

Once or twice I’ve been asked:”Britta, I came from work and noticed a massive yellow stain exactly on the white rug. Help! I do not want to throw out it. The way to find dog urine stains out of white carpet?” I think that it is the case. 

First of all, it is a white carpet, and the stains are old and dry. But do not be discouraged. They can also be removed.

For this, you need water, baking soda, vinegar, and peroxide.

  • Mix the vinegar with water in the proportion of 1:1. The quantity of solution is dependent upon the size of the spot.
  • Take a rag and soak it in the just-made solution. Do not rub the stain although then, press on the stain!
  • Then pour the rest of the solution onto the spots.
  • Find a scrub brush , if you do not have it, have a usual toothbrush, and start to actively move it back and forth.
  • Dry the carpet with the support of paper towels or vacuum. And it isn’t the end!
  • The next step is to put a thin layer of baking soda directly on the urine stains.
  • Whilst soda is being consumed, take 3% hydrogen peroxide and mix it with 1 teaspoon of dish soap.
  • Pour the mixture onto the stain, have a scrub brush or a toothbrush and replicate the fourth step.
  • Dry the wet area with paper towels and a vacuum.

Final thoughts

How to Find dog pee stains from the carpet with peroxide, baking soda, and vinegarSo now you understand how to find dog urine smell out of carpets and wash the floor even from old spots. All methods are cheap and simple. For this, in most cases, all you need is just a bottle of vinegar, baking soda, peroxide, liquid dishwashing detergent, and paper towels. Please note, it’s extremely important to remove the smell because dogs are like small criminals that always return to the crime scene if they could smell their odor. Which of the described methods works best for you?

Also, now you know that the punishment isn’t an effective method to wean off the dog peeing at home. Benefit the animal after peeing as soon as possible and it is better to go outside more often. Training a dog with treats, not tips!

Non toxic DIY formula to remove pet odor an stains from carpet and mattresses. Works!!

You will need-
hydrogen peroxide
dish soap
baking soda
firm bristle brush
terry cloth towels

First, if the stain is wet soak up any excess liquid using your terry cloth towel, paper towel or wet/dry vac.

Mix half water and half white vinegar and soak the stain. Make sure to go an inch or so around the stain to ensure removing all odor. Leave for a few minutes, then soak up excess moisture.

Add a thick (at least quarter inch) layer of baking soda.

Mix together hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. For every cup of peroxide needed, add a teaspoon of dish soap. Apply liberally.

Using your firm bristle brush, work the mixture into the stain.

Let sit for 15 minutes then soak up excess liquid.

Finally, let dry. This can take several hours to all night so be patient. When it’s completely dry take your brush and break up any clump. Vacuum the area. You’re done! There should be no stain or oder left.

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